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Our Mission

Our mission is to share the love of music with others, and help them to discover the total pleasure and satisfaction of playing the piano/keyboards

About Hilary Maney

I started learning to play piano in 1966 at the age of 10, classically trained in New Zealand. As I entered my teens I realised that many of my peers did not relate to classical music, so I began studying modern music as well.

During the ‘80s jazz was a popular choice as I realised I could become a lot more creative with jazz, and began having advanced jazz lessons from a local legend in my home town of Tauranga New Zealand.

In 1982 I studied with Modern School of Music NZ where I qualified as a music teacher, and started teaching in my home in 1984.

I particularly enjoy teaching children as they absorb new information so quickly, and have such a refreshing enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge. Having said that, I love to teach mature students as well.

I have the opportunity, as a teacher, to work individually and directly with a student, at their own rate of progress, to me, this is the key to good teaching and the cornerstone of private lessons. As private teachers, we act as a guide to the process of self-discovery through music.