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"I went to Hilary to take ‘learning the piano’ off my bucket list, not thinking for a second I’d actually be able to master it as an adult. But she was so incredibly patient. She made learning fun and so much easier than I thought it was going to be. I always look forward to my lessons and have even started to learn Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. 

She is truly a gifted, patient and caring teacher and her passion for music is contagious!”.

Nikki Teller


I found Hilary to be a very good tutor as I am an older person, and I've found that she caters for my slow learning the organ with lots of patience and understanding. She always encourages me, and slowly I'm moving forward, and I do look forward to my next lesson as every lesson is re-enforced with lots of positive encouragement.
Thank you Hilary

Sylvia Zaffina


Hilary has been coming to teach keyboard my 16 year old autistic son for 10 months now, and I have been most impressed with her methods. Realising that my son struggles with learning theory, she incorporates the theory in with the practical, and works through it with him. In the past he has tried learning other instruments and has become frustrated and disillusioned. It was a struggle for him in the beginning, however, Hilary now has a great repour with him, and seems to have a good understanding of his learning style, plus she is very patient and encouraging.

 I would not hesitate to recommend Hilary as a very competent teacher


Cathy Saleta